December 13, 2008

Baby it's cold (and dark) outside

The power has been out in my neighborhood in Dover for about 36 hours now. So far the pipes haven't frozen, and that's good, but it's disturbing that I can't get the landlord to take more action to head off the chance of them bursting.

Driving around the area, I'm seeing progress, slow progress, but progress in the process of restoring power. But it's a little surprising how many places are still dark.

Right now I'm sitting in the public library, using their free wifi (and heat), to do some work, and wait until the power returns. If it doesn't come back I'll head back down to my parent's house in Epping for the night, which is where I (and two other siblings) spent last night.

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December 01, 2008

Obama's two greatest speeches. So far.

Ever since Election Night I've been thinking about digging out these two Barack Obama speeches to re-watch them. Here they are, his keynote from the 2004 Democratic Convention, when Obama first appeared on the national stage, and from during the campaign, his "A More Perfect Union" speech where he confronted, but refused to take the easy way out of, the behavior of his former pastor.

I'm especially looking forward to what could be his next great speech, the Inaugural Address in January.

2004 Democratic Convention Keynote

March 2008 "A More Perfect Union"

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