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June 27, 2003

Crash Boom

Well I got my wish today, when we got the biggest, most serious thunderstorms in a couple of summers. Around 2pm the rumbling started in the distance. It grew closer and louder with many flashes of lightning, some pretty close. When the rain started to fall it came down in torrents, and the wind blew hard.

Conincidently I had to head out to my Lake Host job during the height of the storm. The roads were littered with leaves and other debris from the trees. Talking to people at the boat launch who were caught out on the water, there were reports of hail and many frighteningly close lightning strikes. At one point the radio was interupted by the Emergency Broadcast Network and it WASN'T a test. They warned of a severe thunderstom watch just to the NE of us.


Posted by jghiii at June 27, 2003 11:30 PM
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