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October 05, 2003

Hello... Sherm, are you there?... Hello?

Regular Gone East readers have been asking me where comment-area-regular Sherm is. He hasn't been heard here in some time.

Hey, Sherm's a busy guy.

Posted by jghiii at October 5, 2003 12:36 PM
Posted by: boyson on October 5, 2003 08:33 PM

Watching games.

That's where I've been.

Man, these extra inning suckers are killing me.

Today I got up and watched the Sox mess with the A's, then went to see Cal's soccer team beat the Furds. Nothing strange goin on -- just busy days.

Posted by: jack h on October 6, 2003 08:16 AM

At least where you are, the extra innings are at a decent hour. This midnight and 3 am stuff is what's killing me.

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