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November 13, 2003

Small world

Two of the regular comments-posters here at Gone East are Sherman, my friend in Berkeley who's started a series of comments-posts on growing up in Melrose, and SteveG, my old friend from BCS*Mac who writes the great blog Off on a Tangent.

Other than possibly crossing paths briefly in the BCS office way back when, Sherm and Steve have never met. But last night Steve told me something about himself that I never knew.

First about Sherm. Back in the late 70s and 80s Sherm hung out in the Amherst Massachusetts area. One of the, oh-so-Sherm things he did was to host a radio show, late at night, on the Amherst college station, WAMH. The show was called "the way back machine with mr peadoby's boy sherman".

He played all sorts of music, new, old, funky, and just plain strange. Many of the shows had a personal theme, something that was related to the goings on in Sherm's life. I'm pleased to say that one theme show was about me. Sherm did his best to cast equal portions of ridicule and his unique style of love, on many of the best-left-unexplored aspects of my young adulthood. I have cassettes of that show somewhere. Must remember to burn them.

Now for the small world part.

Last night I discovered that Steve G ALSO hosted a radio show on that same station, WAMH. His show was during the late 80s, and was called "The Friday Morning Breakdown"

Sherm and Steve will soon compare notes and we'll see what develops.

Pretty cool, I think.

[I just discovered that you can listen to WAMH online. It's an mp3 stream (the best kind). Too bad they don't have an archive of the shows from the 80s.]

Posted by jghiii at November 13, 2003 12:32 PM
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