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February 02, 2004

Survivor All-Stars notes

There ARE spoilers in this report.

In no particular order:

The Rudy-Rupert Alliance is interesting. They are definately two players who showed us that they value honor highly.

Ethan's attempt to ally with Rupert didn't flesh out. Rupert and company voted for Tina, Ethan was alone. Although his voting booth comments suggest that he may have changed his mind at the last moment.

Richard's stated easy-going attitude is interesting. Maybe he really doesn't care, or, he's trying to stick around long enough to make some friends/alliances by flying under the radar. He's saying, "hey I know I'll be one of the first out, but I don't really care about winning, and I'm just this naked goofball, so don't worry about me."

Have Alicia and Boston Rob learned nothing about being nice in the early days of playing this game?

The military escort opening was kinda cool, and kinda weird. And Jeff hanging out of the helicopter was pretty awesome.

Sue drank the water. That may change the game. If she gets sick she may leave early, if she doesn't get sick then will others drink too?

Was Boston Rob that buff looking in his original Survivor?

According to the Survivor website, "Rupert caused his tribe to fall behind when he mistakenly dove to release the raft that was already free." I didn't see that.

I've always said, that in his original Survivor, Lex was edited to look worse that he really was. He came off last night looking like an OK guy I thought.

The "footage never show" videos on the website are free this time.

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