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March 16, 2004

Campaign Infomercials

Mike Walsh wonders if maybe the Democrats should cancel the upcoming convention in Boston.

Ok, probably won't happen but maybe it should. 

Think about it.  What really is going to happen at the Boston Democratic convention other than a bunch of Democratic delegates running around with funny hats, getting drunk, tying up traffic and pissing off the locals.


Why not cancel the convention, and use the money to fund some useful Anti-Bush activity.  For example, fund a real facting finding mission to Iraq so Kerry can develop a concrete plan for reconstructing Iraq and getting the hell out of there.

Posted by jghiii at March 16, 2004 12:58 PM
Posted by: MGA on March 16, 2004 04:49 PM

Of course, a convention in town could encourage terrorists to strike. Lotsa people milling around. Plenty of immediate media people milling about to record the incident and broadcast the fear. And of course the opportunity to influence the election process of the arrogant Americans.

Do you suppose Karl Rove knows how to use C4?

Posted by: sherman on March 16, 2004 04:56 PM

I would suggest voting absentee ballot in the fall elections.

The terrorists bomb the hell out of Spain just before their elections. Result: The Spanish voters kick out the Pro-war government and replace it with people against the war who have already announced they are going to withdraw the troops.

I'd say it's a good bet that the terrorists are going to try to replicate that success in America.
Expect pre-election bad stuff.

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