April 18, 2004

Survivor All-Stars Notes - Ep #12

[Complete set of my Survivor All Star Notes]

Posted after Ep #12, April 15, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

Notes written while watching the episode:

>> By the way, as usual I'm watching the ep 3 days after it aired, but this week no one has said, oh you have to see what happens.

>> Boston Rob says Lex accidentally revealed an alliance with Big Tom.

>> Stormy weather

>> Kathy: "I've got an X on my back, so I've got to win Immunity"

>> HDTV in the jungle!

>> Psychological warfare by the producers... physical deprivation, then show them videos of family back home... it works every time.

>> Jenna got her video this time, I'd forgotten that she hadn't back in season one. Jeff did torture her a little though, hinting that it screwed up again.

>> Multi-layerd Reward/Immunity Challenge

>> A swarm of insects in the air behind Jeff

>> Alicia and Rupert random captains. They pick their teams. Rupert-Kathy-Big Tom-Jenna. Alicia-ShiiAnn-Amber Rob. Interesting teams. Boston Rob is definately the strength, but ShiiAnn and Alicia seem like weak links to me. No huge strength on Rupert's team, but on average they seem stronger. Will Rupert yield the important role to Jenna?

Let's see.

>> The board crossing was a Puzzle too!... Rupert & co. went to school on TeamRob's figuring it out, and caught up... I've obviously understimated the strength and toughness of Rob's women... Jenna IS the one who will slide down the rope... Big finish.

>> TeamRob wins Round One! Big Tom falling off the balance bar was probably the weak link.

>> Boston Rob is good at Puzzles too. He wins Reward/Immunity. But he is almost certainly gone the next time he doesn't have Immunity.

>> This was a good Challenge cause it also created two virtual tribes. Four of the players now have a little extra reason to be threatened by Rob.

>> Random question? Has there ever been a Jack on Survivor?

>> Wow. Rob trades his video for all the other's letters. Very unexpected. I take back what I said a moment ago. Rob may have bought himself a "get out if jail free" card for at least one TC.

>> Rob says getting everyone their letters wasn't mostly about strategy and I believe him. He's never shy about bragging about what he thinks is clever strategy and this time he says it wasn't. I think he's telling the truth.

It's interesting how over the past few weeks the editors are letting a sweeter, less conniving Rob show through.

>> Boston Rob: "I have no idea how the vote is gonna go tonight." He's not wheelin' and dealin'???

>> They just showed them scooping a bucket of water out of the "well". I've always wondered whether these "dirty water" wells are faked by the producers. Is it actually safe water, that has been made to look bad? It forces them to boil it, and be uncomfortable, but avoids poisoning anyone, like when Rudy drank it early this season.

>> Kathy working on Tom... Rob-Amber-Jenna caucussing... Alicia working on ShiiAnn... Kathy working on Rupert...

>> Rob: "I think we've got some last minute scrambling going on in Panama today."

>> ShiiAnn working Tom... Tom having doubts (coming to his senses)... Kathy-ShiiAnn-Tom caucussing... Jenna working Rupert... Jenna wonders if she's about to get burned.

You can't tell the alliances without a program!!!

>>Tribal Council: Very impressed that all the players managed to not laugh out loud at Lex's new doo. Looks pretty stupid to me. But maybe Lex is still playing some kind of strategy from the grave?

>> Kathy: "I'm voting for the person who lied to me." And everyone starts searching their memories, is it me?

>> Kathy starts warning them what it's like when it gets down to seven. Is it wise of her to remind everyone that she is the highest-finishing person remaining?

>> Lex looks disgusted with them all.

>> Lex rolls his eyes. He actually looks like he would have preferred to be voted out a week earlier, than to be the first, lone, jury member. Mortified.

>> Kathy voted out. "I wanted that million bucks so much. Cause I got robbed last time." She did!

>> I was mistaken last week. NOW there is only one Final Four left: Big Tom... Australia is the only season with more than one player surviving now... 4 men, 3 women...

# Remaining from the Meta-Tribes

Pula Tiga 1 of 4
Australia 2 of 5
Africa 1 of 3
Marqesas 1 of 2
Thailand 1 of 1
Amazon 0 of 2
Pearl Isl. 1 of 1

# Latest tribe lists

# Chaboga Moga (CBM) (7 members)
Alicia 2-Australia 9th Chapera->Moga->CBM
Amber 2-Australia 6th Chapera->CBM
Jenna L. 1-Pulau Tiga 8th Saboga->Chapera->Moga->CBM
*Boston Rob 4-Marqesas 10th Chapera->Moga->CBM
*Tom 3-Africa 4th Chapera->Moga->CBM
*Rupert 7-Pearl Isl. 8th Saboga->Chapera->Moga->CBM
Shii Ann 5-Thailand 10th Moga->Chapera->CBM

Order Out:
1 - Tina 2-Australia 1st (was Saboga)
2 - *Rudy 1-Pulau Tiga 3rd (was Saboga)
3 - Jenna M. 6-Amazon 1st (was Moga)
4 - Rob C. 6-Amazon 3rd (was Chapera)
5 - *Richard 1-Pulau Tiga 1st (was Moga)
6 - *Susan 1-Pulau Tiga 4th (was Chapera)
7 - Colby 2-Australia 2nd (was Moga)
8 - *Ethan 3-Africa 1st (was Saboga->Moga)
9 - Jerri 2-Australia 8th (was Saboga->Moga->Chapera)
--- Jury ---
10 - Lex 3-Africa 3rd (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)
11 - Kathy 4-Marqesas 3rd (was Moga->Chapera->CBM)

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