April 21, 2004

Red Sox Notes

Here are some misc thoughts on the Red Sox season so far.

Malaska and Jones. I had been planning on writing about how poorly Jones was pitching, and what a pleasant surprise Malaska is. But the mgt. beat me to it, sent Jones away, and have kept Malaska around.

Why are we short on pitchers? I can't figure out why it only takes one extra-inning game for us to exhaust the bullpen. Is Francona using them badly? It's happened two of three times already, and it's taken 2-3 regular games to get them rested again.

Daubach gone :-( I'm sorry about this. But I'm glad that he agreed to go to Pawtucket so he'll almost certainly be back.

Why can't the division standings include the wild card as a 4th meta-division?

Posted by jackhodgson at April 21, 2004 09:10 PM