May 07, 2004


To avoid the possibility that dividing boys and girls into separate school classes might result in one group receiving an excellent education, we've decided to make sure they both receive an equally mediocre education.

PoynterOnline, Al's Morning Meeting:

Until now, public schools have been allowed to hold single-sex classes only in limited situations, such as for physical education. But proposed changes to federal education rules have opened the door wider. "For years, those who had a tremendous amount of money could pay for their children to go to an all-boys school or an all-girls school, and if it's been a viable option for the wealthy, why shouldn't it be a viable option for all students?" said Chain of Lakes (FL) Principal Carol Kindt.


But the American Civil Liberties Union and National Organization for Women are among groups who disagree with separating boys and girls, saying it's discriminatory and promotes stereotypes.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 7, 2004 03:24 PM