August 17, 2004

River City, Bedford Falls

Cynthia imagines what, I think, would be the ideal neighborhood to live in.

So, I am starting a new film festival so that I can lure all of my friends back to Boston with lucrative and prestigious film festival jobs. They will all move into houses in my neighborhood on my street and we will have dinner at each other's houses every night and shout hello to each other through our kitchen windows and borrow cups of sugar from each other and have yard sales together and hear each other fight with significant others on the phone through opened windows get mad at each other when we don't return each others' cake pans or screwdrivers or saws or lawnmowers and have random hours-long conversations on each other's front steps.

BTW, in the unlikely event that Cynthia reads this, the links in your blog post don't seem to be clickable in my browser (Safari on Mac OS X 10.2). The links in your sidebar work fine, just the blog entry links are inop.

Posted by jackhodgson at August 17, 2004 11:36 AM