August 18, 2004

Mmm mmm good!

One great side-effect of this diet I'm on is that I'm doing a lot of cooking. Good stuff.

Baked chicken, stir-fry, the other night we broiled some steaks with broccoli and corn on the cob, I've been practicing my omelet-making skill..

This morning I reintroduced myself to an old friend.

RickF, my friend from California, who I used to have breakfast with often, may remember that one of my favorite dishes at the Peninsula Creamery was scrambled eggs with ham, avocado, and monterey jack cheese.

It's been awhile since I've had that out here in the east. For some reason they don't have scrambles with mix-ins on many menus, and almost no one has avocado.

A couple days ago I bought an avocado at the Hannafords, and this morning I sliced it up and made my old favorite. Yumm, it's good. Brings back memories.

Of course there's no toast and home-fries to go with it, and that's too bad. But nevertheless it was good.

BTW, today is the start of week two of my following the southbeachdiet. I haven't had any bread, potatoes, rice, or sugar in that time. I probably "cheated" a little on a couple of items that I didn't really realize were against the law: skippy peanut butter... and it turns out that Colby cheese is a fatty-not-really-good-when-dieting kind, so I've stashed away the Colby-Jack for later. Also, I'm unclear on whether baked beans are OK. I think the beans are, but they're probably cooked in sugar.

Anyway, the whole thing is going very well.

Posted by jackhodgson at August 18, 2004 09:39 AM