September 20, 2004

You didn't hear it here

Michael Fraase is attending a conference at the Media Center in SF. He is required to abide by this gag-order:

A note about our seminar ground rules: Media center seminars and discussions are considered off the record. What’s said in the seminar should stay among the people in the room. That means the members agree they won’t publish anything based on what they hear in the seminar. But they will be taking copious notes for internal presentations in their companies and they’ll want to apply as much as they possibly can. The Media Center may publish summaries or accounts of presentations in our seminars, but if we do so we will always follow up and request permission from discussion leaders to make sure we aren’t publishing proprietary or other information they woudl rather keep private.

Let me rephrase:

You can't publish what you hear here. You can't even write anything that results from what you learned here ("based on"). You can write about this for publication within your company. And what your co-workers can do with the info is not clear. Oh, and we might publish what happened in the session, including things you said, without your permission or compensation.

Posted by jackhodgson at September 20, 2004 11:38 AM