September 22, 2004

Still here...

People are complaining to me that I haven't posted much in the past few days. Which is funny cause the other thing I get all the time is that I don't have a life so I post here too often. Ah well.

Here's a recap of the past few days.

• The other day was the final VLAP water testing session of the year.

• The Redsox are making me a little nervous. Last night's nail-biter was a little "too" for me. I prefer to roll over the competition. Bring back August.

• I got a little crazy and rode my bike all the way around the lake. About seven miles, many hills. More on that later.

• I've been cooking a lot. Trying new things. I'm remembering how much I like garlic.

• Headed off this weekend for a visit to the Vermont brother. I hear they have broadband now, so I may get online while there. Maybe I'll post some pics of trees.

Posted by jackhodgson at September 22, 2004 06:56 PM