November 11, 2004

Survivor Vanuata - Ep #7 "Naps and Scorched Earth"

s9logoCatching up on my Survivor summaries. Here's the one from two weeks ago. I'm posting it mostly for completeness. Eventually I will catch up.

Written after Ep #7, October 28, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

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1: An Age Imbalance.
2: C'mon, give me a little hug!
3: Just be one of the girls.
4: A visit from Dah.
5: Mix and Match
6: Pig Chasing and Tiki Puzzles

Chad: In Lopevi everyone is doing chores, except for Johnk... Chad and Chris are pissed with John.

Ami says: No women's alliance has ever succeeded. We want it to work this time.

Rory is annoyed by Ami's and Leann's attitude and is challenging the women. Big mistake.

Rory is now convinced that he is next. He says he's gonna "go into self-destruct mode... I'm going to institute a slash, burn, and salt the earth policy." That definitely is self-destructive. I didn't really think that the women had said he was next out, they were just being non-committal, or maybe, playing with him.

The folgers coffee, home cafe, coconut juice carrying obstacle course reward challenge.

Scout deliberately dumps her bowl to let the ones good at it play more. Smart.

Yasur wins, not by much. Julie dramatically stumbles at the end, but doesn't dump the juice.

First commercial after challenge is for Folger's / Home Cafe!

At reward: A photo album. Will it make people more sympathetic? And letters from home. They get to take the coffee maker back to camp. But doesn't is need electricity?

Ironically, Rory's letter from home says he should be nice.

Julie and Twila strategizing. Julie tells Twila that the guys had promised her final four as well. But Julie admits in confessional that it was a lie. She only did it to gaslight Twila.

Slingshot tile shooting immunity challenge.

Shouldn't the good shooters be at the tiles of those not so good? Eliminate the weak shooters first, then the good ones can mop up.

Rory rocks at this! Rory wins immunity for Yasur!

Lopevi will go to TC. Will it be JohnK? Or one of the women.

We see Yasur first after the break. Usually we immediately go to the tribe that is going to TC.

Rory thinks he impressed Ami. But he says she's now #1 on his hit list.

Ami thinks that Lopevi will vote off either Julie or Twila.

Chad and Chris want to vote off John, but they don't want to reduce the number of guys in case it becomes men vs. Women.

Johnk thinks he's allied with Chris

John and Chris are talking about eliminating Chad because, ironically, his artificial leg makes him stronger.

The upshot is that we have no idea how it will shake out.

Tribal Council

JohnK: "tonight is the night to figure out where I stand in this game."

Two people give props to Twila. I really hope she doesn't get voted out, cause she's really blossoming.

John gets into this big rap about how he takes lots of naps, and Twila doesn't. Not smart.

Not enough time for a tiebreaker, so here we go.

The vote: John 5, chad 1

Johnk is voted out.


# Latest tribe list

# Yasur
Scout, 59
Leann, 35
Rory, 35 (was Lopevi)
Ami, 31
Eliza, 21

# Lopevi
Twila, 41 (was Yasur)
Lea ("Sarge"), 40
Chad, 35
Chris, 33
Julie, 23 (was Yasur)

# Challenges
1 -- Obstacle Course Immunity & Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Balance Beam Hug Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Blindfolded Puzzle Hunt Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Walls Obstacle Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Ladder Puzzle Immunity -- John K,
passed on to Ami
4 -- Concentration Puzzle Reward -- Yasur Tribe
4 -- Tribal Symbols Puzzle Immunity -- Yasur Tribe
5 -- Deep Diving Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
5 -- Build a Boat Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Pig Chasing Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Underwater Obst./Tiki Puzzle Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
7 -- Coconut Juice Obstacle Course Reward -- Yasur Tribe
7 -- Tile shooting Immunity -- Yasur Tribe

# Order Out:
1 -- Brook, 27 (Lopevi)
2 -- Dolly, 25 (Yasur)
3 -- John P., 31 (Lopevi)
4 -- Mia, 30 (Yasur)
5 -- Brady, 33 (Lopevi)
6 -- Travis ("Bubba"), 33 (Yasur, was Lopevi)
7 -- Lisa, 44 (Yasur)
8 -- John K., 22 (Lopevi)

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