November 20, 2004


Earlier this week I threatened to make some changes to this blog. Well here they are.

The most obvious are the look and the name.

I'm fairly happy with the new look, but if you know me, you know that I'll be tweaking it for awhile. Suggestions welcome. [BTW, I haven't yet tested the new site on a wide range of browsers, or on Windows. So if you see anything really ugly, that you think might be a compatibility issue, definitely let me know about those.]

As for the new name. "Etcetera" Some of you know that I've been toying with new names for many months. The list of candidates is long. But I've settled on this one.

I like that the new name is an interesting looking and sounding word, but that it has no strong associations for most people. I can make it what I want. Also it abbreviates in an interesting way "etc", and it even had a built-in logo "&c." One bit of bad news is, although I've been checking for weeks now, only this past week did I find another blog with a similar name. "Et cetera". He spells it as two words, which I guess is the proper way. I'll stick with my version and see what happens.

In addition to the name and look, the only other change right now is that I'll be posting most all of my tech-related writing over on TechPopuli. That includes space and aviation stuff. If that kind of thing interests you, add it to your reading list.

Moving on.

Posted by jackhodgson at November 20, 2004 11:19 AM