May 13, 2005

Survivor Palau Ep #13

s10logoHere's a a couple of thoughts about last night's ep.

Spoilers after the jump, and in comments.

This ep will go down in Survivor lore.

The sequence where Ian naively took Tom on the Reward, and left Katie behind. Her feelings are hurt, "not because of the dinner, but because of the promise". Ian's frustration with, what he thought was, her illogical reaction. Then his final prostration in front of Katie, begging for her forgiveness. And she bought it!

A classic moment.

And then, Caryn's personal meltdown at TC. The ordeal of spending 30 days living in this environment must have more of a mind-altering effect than we realize, cause we repeatedly see people do things that simply defy all past Survivor experience. How could Caryn have gotten this far without realizing that this behavior would get her voted out?

BTW, Coby's over-the-top reactions to the, admittedly bizarre, TC events is getting a little old.

So now we have our Final Four.

Jenn, who, unless she miraculously wins Immunity, will be the next to go.

Ian, who, if I'm remembering right, won the first immunity. I agree with Heather, if he goes to the final two he'd be picked winner against any of the other three.

Katie, who has been flying a little under the radar, and seems to have the loyalty of Ian, but is despised by Tom. She would win against Tom, but lose to Ian.

Tom, who has been the heavy-handed manipulator, though it seems to be working so far.

So here are my predictions for the possible final two matchups:

Ian - Tom -- Ian wins
Ian - Katie -- Ian wins
Ian - Jenn -- Ian wins
Tom - Katie -- Tom wins
Tom- Jenn -- Jenn wins
Jen - Katie -- Katie wins

The Survivors:

(name, age [picked by])

## Koror (brown):

Ian, 23
Katie, 29 [Ian]
Tom, 41 [Katie]
Jenn, 32 [Gregg]

Order out:

1. Jonathon, 23
2. Wanda, 55
3. Jolanda, 39 (blue = Ulong)
4. Ashlee, 22 [James]
5. Jeff, 21 [Stephanie]
6. Kim, 25 [Jeff]
7. Angie, 24 [Ibraham]
8. Willard, 57 [Caryn] (brown = Koror)
9. James, 33 [Kim]
10. Ibrehem, 27 [Ashlee]
11. Bobbyjon, 27 [Jolanda]
12. Coby, 32 [Jenn]
13. Janu, 39 [Tom]
14. Stephenie, 25 [Bobbyjon] (was Ulong)
15. Gregg, 28 [Janu]
16. Caryn, 46 [Coby]

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