January 06, 2007

Good morning from Berkeley California

I'm blogging offline, 'cause there's no internet where I'm staying. I'll visit the local internet cafe later and upload this.

I'm in the SF Bay Area for this week's MacWorld Expo.

Although the weather is a little colder than usual here, it's really very nice. Bright sunshine. I went for a walk up to the Shattuck Ave area of town this morning.

Even though it's cold, people here realize that this is as bad as it gets. They know they can enjoy the outdoors all year round. I think it colors their attitudes, and sensibility. It's very civilized.

I walked past an outdoor cafe which operates all year round. Unheard of in NE.

Anyway, I'll report back through the week on more of my California adventures.

BTW, I'm hoping for a (small) earthquake while I'm here. Fun.

Posted by jackhodgson at January 6, 2007 12:45 PM