January 06, 2007

A Good James Bond

Sherm and I just saw the new James Bond movie. Casino Royale. Good movie.

I'm one of the people who liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond. I was sorry to see him leave the role. But this new guy, Daniel Craig, does an excellent job. Taking it in a new direction. I must admit that I may like him best of all since Sean.

My one complaint is that the movie was too long. They finished the main story, then wandered into another story altogether. I thought the second story was too much.

For the Bond aficionados, the first (better) storyline was from the book Casino Royale. But the second (too much) story was a rushed telling of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

We don't need to understand what drives Bond. His psycho. motivations are irrelevant. He's Bond, James Bond.

Posted by jackhodgson at January 6, 2007 09:58 PM