April 30, 2007

First-Last Day 6

By the way, today was Day Six of the Redsox being in first place and the Yankees being in last place.


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April 27, 2007

Studio 60 to resume

NBC has announced that on May 24 they will pick up where they left off with the remaining eps of "Studio 60".

The show hasn't been cancelled yet, and it doesn't look good. But I take it as hopeful that they're holding the new eps till after sweeps is over, so there will be less pressure on the show to excel, and maybe it can find an audience.

In any event, it will be good to see the remaining 6 eps.

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April 25, 2007

Doesn't happen often, but it's fun

Savor the moment. The Redsox are in first place, and the Yankees are in last place.

BTW, one consolation of this homerun spree, that A-Rod is on, is that it may draw attention away from the embarrassment of Barry Bonds' inevitable "breaking" of Hank Aaron's home run record. Let's just get it over with.

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April 24, 2007

It's The Chairman!

Just re-watching the excellent "Les Misérables in Concert" DVD from 1995.

As an encore they brought out 17 men who had played Jean Valjean in various international productions. Each of them sang a line or two from "Do You Hear the People Sing?"

Who, to my surprise, appears as the Japanese Valjean, but Chairman Kaga from The Iron Chef.

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April 20, 2007

Dave, Jack and Jeb, co-hosts of the Uncontrolled Airspace General Aviation Podcast.

Co-hosts of the Uncontrolled Airspace: General Aviation Podcast.

UCAP Gang 1

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Friday at Sun 'n Fun

We were planning to depart around noon on Friday, so we got an early start.

We took some publicity pics for the podcast (I'll post those separately) and then I hobbled around to see some of the show before I left.

I did a quick circle through the main exhibits, then hitched a ride down to "choppertown".

ChopperPalm Trees

More pics.

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April 19, 2007

Thursday Sun 'n Fun Pics

I spent most of Thursday doing post-production on the podcast. Also going easy on my leg which is still pretty fragile.

But I did get around a little bit to see some of the show.

Sun 'n Fun Main GateEvening plane watching in the ultralight area, aka Paradise City

More pics.

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April 18, 2007

Pics from Sun 'n Fun

I just posted a batch of pics.

Jeb's Debonair Over the clouds Main exhibits area Cool Amphib

Here's more of them.

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April 17, 2007

Arrived Sun 'n Fun

I've arrived at the Fly-in in Lakeland. We landed at around 6:30 this afternoon. I've got some pics already which I'll be uploading to Flickr. I'll post a pointer here when they're online.

Right now, I'm a little wiped out from the two days of travel. I'm gonna do a little prep work for tomorrow's podcast production, then I'll hit the hay.

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Destination: Sun 'n Fun Fly-in

I'm in Springfield Virginia. I drove down here today from Boston. Tomorrow I continue on, with a friend, in his plane, to Lakeland Florida, to attend the annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-in.

Regular readers of this blog know that each summer I attend the EAA Airventure Fly-in in Oshkosh. Sun 'n Fun is a smaller version of that. It's the first big aviation event each year. Many consider it the kickoff of the year's flying season.

This will my second time to Sun 'n Fun. I attended last time is 2000. I really enjoyed it, and have always looked forward to returning.

The main event of my time at SnF will be the recording of this week's Uncontrolled Airspace podcast. We'll be doing it with a live audience, and broadcast live on the local radio station. It's gonna be fun.

I'll be blogging my trip to the fly-in and some of the things I see while there.

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April 15, 2007

Quote seen on Twitter

"I start things, but I never"

-- D. Stahl

[via twitter/smithmag]

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April 13, 2007

A participatory marketplace

I was telling someone about this last night. I may have blogged it here before, but it bears repeating.

It is no exaggeration to conclude that the Internet has achieved, and continues to achieve, the most participatory marketplace of mass speech that this country -- and indeed the world -- has yet seen.

...the Internet deserves the broadest possible protection from government-imposed, content-based regulation.

From the Court of Appeals ruling in the challenge to the Communications Decency Act:



Before: Sloviter, Chief Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; Buckwalter and Dalzell, Judges, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

June 11, 1996

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Strange bedfellows

My friends Sherman and "MGA" have different views on just about every subject you can imagine. Over in the comments area they seem to go out of their way to disagree on everything.

But I've come to discover one thing they do have in common. A good memory for the details of years past.

Or at least they both claim to remember things. I don't remember them, so for all I know they're both just making these things up.

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April 11, 2007

Don't do that

Last Saturday I hurt my leg.

About two weeks ago I started a program of running for fitness (and also cause I enjoy it). I knew that it would be important to go slow, do good warmups, and be careful about injuring myself.

Nevertheless I overdid it.

In retrospect, I wasn't warming up and stretching enough. On the morning in question I even felt unusual stiffness in my leg as I started the run. But I figured I could be careful and stretch out my leg as I ran. Bad idea.

Soon after the run was over I could feel the pain in my right leg. By a couple hours later I was having a hard time walking for the pains shooting through my right thigh and knee.

Since then it's been ups and downs. The internet tells me that I probably suffered a groin pull, with an additional injury to my knee. It basically says that time will heal it.

In the meantime I have to be patient, not try to do too much walking, and take anti-inflamatories to calm things down.

So I'll be passing on next week's Boston Marathon.

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April 10, 2007

Pirates of Penzance: With Cat Like Tread

Last night I came across this production of Pirates. This is one of my favorite numbers.

I've added this DVD to my Netflix list.

Also check out Pirate's Lair / Paradox

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April 03, 2007


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Great R&B performance at the Apollo

You be the judge whether this is really a homeless guy. But the performance is pretty terrific.

[Here's a youtube piece which claims to support the homeless story.]

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Daily Show on the Iran Hostage Crisis

"Hey Iran. What are you doin'? Do you know how hard we're working to keep president bombs-a-lot from throwin' down on you guys?"

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April 02, 2007

Look! It's my name!

my name on G4

Thanks to Steve Garfield for pointing this out to me.

In a recent episode on G4 TV, a short feature on Twitter included a screenshot with my name in it.

Hey, there's no such thing as too little publicity.

Woo Hoo.

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