May 29, 2008

On-again off-again travel

Well, I thought I was heading down to SC and GA next week, but I just got an email that at least half of that trip has been cancelled. So it looks like it's going to be a week of apartment hunting for me.

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May 28, 2008

Nyah Nyah -- I can now directly blog and you can't!

This means I am better than you.

But how can I now damn the man when I am the man!

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May 27, 2008

Red Sox winning All Star races

Blog entry by Etc. guest blogger Sherman

Do we know how to stuff a ballot box or do we know how to stuff a ballot box?

Major League Baseball announced current vote results for the All Star Game, and five Red Sox players are in the lead.

Big Papi, David Ortiz is crushing everyone – he has the most votes of any American League player with 556,567 votes. “Manny Being Manny” now means being the guy with the second highest number of votes, as Ramirez has 539,122 votes. Meanwhile, Kevin Youkilis (419,813 votes), Jason Varitek (288,464 votes) and Dustin Pedroia (384,648) have voting leads at their positions.

Go Red Sox!

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The Straight Gene

Scientists have isolated the gene which appears to make male fruit flies interested in female fruit flies.

Science Daily:

When a young gene known as sphinx is inactivated in the common fruit fly, it leads to increased male-male courtship, scientists report in the May 27, 2008, issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Let the "fruit" fly puns begin!

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May 26, 2008

500 Gig!

I bought a new external hard drive. I need to do a good backup of my other drives, and I want to have some extra storage to organize my media files.

After a bit of research I chose a MyBook 500 Gig USB drive.

500 Gigabytes. A Half a Terabyte!

My first hard drive was 5 MEG. MEG!

Half a Terabyte.

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May 25, 2008

We're landing on Mars tonight!

The Phoenix Mars Lander will be arriving on the surface of the Red Planet at 7:55 pm EDT today. Cool!

Nasa page. NASA TV will be streaming live reports.

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On the Move

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately. My work for CREST Technologies has had me all over the eastern seaboard. Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania. Next week I'm off to NC and GA, and the week after that, Las Vegas.

I had hoped to do some blogging from these locales, but I'm still getting used to the travel lifestyle. Soon I hope.

That's the Ben Franklin Bridge that crosses from Phila to Camden NJ.

Interesting thing. The official abbreviation of Philadelphia is "Phila". That's what you see on all the signs down there.

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May 21, 2008

McCain Did Not Vote For Worst. President. Ever.

Posted by guest blogger, Sherman:

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee (who loves show tunes! his favorite is “I’m just a girl who can’t say no” from Oklahoma!) is trying to deny that he admitted that he did not vote for George Bush in the 2000 election.

However, staff members from the best presidency ever swear he told them just that at a dinner.
Josh Lyman and Toby Ziegler (in their real identities as Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff) have confirmed what Arianna Huffington first reported and the Los Angeles Times confirmed – that McCain told people he was so upset about how unqualified Bush was to be President, that he did not vote for him.

Whitford said, someone asked McCain whether he had cast a vote in favor of Bush."He put his finger up to his lips, shook his head and mouthed, 'No way,'" Whitford said.Schiff remembered the conversation the same way. "My memory was he said pretty clearly, no, he did not vote for him," he said. "I discussed it with others afterwards. It was clear to everyone he said no.

link to Washington Post story

link to Arianna Huffington column

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May 07, 2008

Obama now.

Back in the beginning of this (incredibly long) campaign, I stated that I liked Senator Clinton over Senator Obama.

I've been pretty silent in this blog, so I haven't had the opportunity to say that I've switched, and I now think Obama is the right choice.

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May 05, 2008

Crazy Fan

Posted by Etc. guest blogger Sherman

Yankee fans are crazy. People who live in New Hampshire are crazy. Add the two together and you get deadly crazy.

A 43 year old mother and Yankees fan used her car to kill a 29 year old Red Sox fan who was taunting her with chants of "YANKEES SUCK" after seeing a Yankees sticker on her car. Ivonne Hernandez, who lives in Nashua, got angry at Matthew Beaudoin and his friends for taunting her, so she pulled out of her parking spot and drove 200 feet at full acceleration at the group of taunters. Hernandez told police she just wanted to scare them and thought the group would get out of the way of her car. Hernandez admitted to drinking a little prior to the incident. Prosecutors charged her with aggravated drunken driving along with second-degree murder.

Beaudoin and his friends spotted the Yankees bumper sticker on the car and taunted Hernandez when she showed up from whatever bar she had been drinking in. At first, Hernandez and a 21 female friend of Beaudoin got into a tussle and fists were thrown. Hernandez then got into her car and drove it directly into the group.

Authorities were unable to indicate if Beaudoin has any resemblance to Bucky Dent.

NECN story

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