February 25, 2005

Survivor Pulau Ep#2 My Notes

s10logoSurvivor Pulau

"39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor"

Continuation and comments contain spoilers.

Watching live (as opposed to later via my PVR) takes so long!

Jeff & Kim snuggling. Hmmmm.

Koror revealed, at the start of the reward challenge, that they had lost the flint. That is a HUGE mistake. It gives Ulong a big psychological boost. Who was the woman at the front who spilled the beans? Katie? Jenn? Will she pay any price for blabbing this?

## The Balance & Whack-a-Mole Reward Challenge.

Bobbyjon seems to have some anger problems.

Ulong kicks butt, for some fishing gear, and firemaking.

Who won the flags?

Angie 2
Ashlee 2
James 1
Bobbyjon 1
Stepnenie 2
Kim 2

Janu 2
Jenn 1

Later they make a big deal about Angie "owning" this challenge. I admit she did herself some good by being strong. But she got two flags, so did three other women on her team, and one on the other tribe. What's the big deal?

Ian retrieves the fire box. That should earn him some virtual immunity. "A good day. We can be proud." He said.

Ashlee won't eat.

## Morse Code Immunity Challenge

Willard is a weak/slow swimmer. Tom and Ian are good in the water.

Did Kim really fail to do any of the pulling? She was strong in the whack-a-mole challenge. Is she a poor swimmer, worse, could she be timid in the water?

Maneuvering for tribal council.

Kim or Ashlee?

At TC, Kim says she had no clue that snuggling with Jeff would look bad. Hmmm.

6 votes to 1 to 1, Ashlee goes home.

The kids lose another member. I'm not sure if it was Koror's maturity that led to tonight's immunity win. Although that underwater pull certainly benefitted from teamwork and patience. Of course, the youngest Koror, Ian, continues to be one of their greatest assets.

My notes on last week's episode.

The Challenges:
Ep#1 Race to the beach immunity: Ian & Jolanda
Ep#1 Reward&Immunity: Koror
Ep#2 The Balance & Whack-a-Mole Reward Challenge: Ulong
Ep#2 Morse Code Immunity Challenge: Koror

Challenge Scorecard: (Immunity/Reward)
Koror 2/0
Ulong 0/1
Ian 1/-
Jolanda 1/-

The Survivors:

(name, age [picked by])

## Koror (brown):

Ian, 23
Katie, 29 [Ian]
Tom, 41 [Katie]
Janu, 39 [Tom]
Gregg, 28 [Janu]
Jenn, 32 [Gregg]
Coby, 32 [Jenn]
Caryn, 46 [Coby]
Willard, 57 [Caryn]

## Ulong (blue):

Bobbyjon, 27 [Jolanda]
Stephenie, 25 [Bobbyjon]
Jeff, 21 [Stephanie]
Kim, 25 [Jeff]
James, 33 [Kim]
Ibrehem, 27 [Ashlee]
Angie, 24 [Ibraham]

Order out:

1. Jonathon, 23
2. Wanda, 55
3. Jolanda, 39 (Ulong)
4. Ashlee, 22 [James] (Ulong)

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