November 29, 2004

Pawlake Pano

Here's a quick panorama pic I put together of the lake from my front yard.


UPDATE: Here's a larger version of the panorama.

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Can we go outside yet?

Over on infoPawtuckaway I posted about the soon to be ended, big-gun hunting season.

It's sadly ironic that this time of year can be one of the best for hiking -- no biting insects, and no leaves on trees makes for greater visibility -- yet it's the most dangerous time of year for being in the woods. 'Cause it's Hunting Season.
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November 28, 2004

Allison Roe

Big news!

We broke the original story months ago, and now we have the exclusive on the followup.

Sarah -- wife of my long-time roommate, and very dear friend, RobH -- gave birth today to a 6 pound 2 oz baby girl, who they've named Allison Roe Hafer. Allison arrived at 4:22 this afternoon and is 18 inches long.

Mom, Baby, and Dad are all doing well.

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Pawtuckaway Hikes

Mike Whaley writes in the Foster's Democrat about hiking in Pawtuckaway State Park.

It is always a pleasure to return to Pawtuckaway State Park. Just a short 30-minute drive from Rochester, the 5,550-acre state park has a little bit of everything for everybody. In addition to offering camping, swimming and boating during the summer season on Pawtuckaway Lake, Pawtuckaway also has extensive hiking and mountain biking trails, which can double as snowshoe and Nordic ski trails in the winter.
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November 26, 2004

Moving Rocks.

Working off some of yesterday's carbs via extreme physical exertion. Scott and I spent a couple hours taking apart a rock wall and putting it back together again.

This wall was originally built by our father, like, 30 years ago. It's held up pretty good, but in a couple of place it's slumped a bit. So today Scott and I -- well mostly Scott -- took apart two of the four trouble-spots and re-stacked them.

They look pretty good.

I started out on the wall work, then got distracted with a different kind of project, single-handedly lining up some monstrous boulders, well pretty big rocks anyway, along a section of our shoreline to inhibit the erosion that is slowly taking out the shore.

Satisfying work, but now my arms are sore.

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November 25, 2004

Not a lo-carb holiday.

Well, Turkey Day was pretty fun. But I have to say that the SBD took a bit of a setback.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a minefield of carbs. The stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the dinner rolls. All yummy, but not on the good list.

The veggies are OK. And of course, the turkey is zero carbs, but we can fix that. Ladle on a glob of gravy. MMM, mmm, good!

One interesting thing about getting skinny, is that my capacity is lowered. I didn't eat nearly as much today as I traditionally do, but boy was I stuffed. It just doesn't fit anymore. It reached the point were a simple slice of apple pie was enough to make me feel close to bursting. And then there was a plate of mints that looked irresistible.

But boy was it tasty! BAM!

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Not the edible kind

For the past 24 hours this site's Forum section has been under steady attack by a spammer.

He's probably trying to take advantage of the fact that many site owners (like me) wouldn't be checking in over the holiday. He wants these things to sit here as long as possible, and gather page-rank.

My apologies for so many piling up while I was off stuffing the bird, and myself.

I've cleaned up all of the spams as of now. More will probably appear, but I'm back on the case.

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November 24, 2004

Gobble gobble

There's an 18 pound turkey on the counter in the kitchen. Soon I'll load it into my car, along with many other ingredients, and head off to my sister's where I'll spend the night so I can get up bright and early and roast the bird.

Much, but sadly, not all, of the family is gathering tomorrow for the feast.

It's sort of a stone-soup kind of thing. I'm doing the bird, stuffing, and gravy. Sister One has the bread, some veggies, and the pretend milk. Sister Two more veggies. Mom is doing other side dishes and her World Famous Apple Pies.

We're gonna miss Brother One and his crew. He, or rather his car, is still recovering from its encounter with a deer in the headlights. We'll be thinking of them up there in the snow.

Anyway, time to get a move on. There's eatin' to be done.

Happy T-Day.

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Survivor discussion

s9logoI've fallen behind in watching Survivor again. I haven't watched last week's ep, and I'm about to postpone another tomorrow.

For those in the peanut gallery, who have watched all the eps, here's a Forum thread you can go crazy in.

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Not allowed!

I just want to be clear here.

The Redsox are re-negotiating with some of their premier free-agents. Pedro, Varitek, Lowe, etc. I understand the economics of modern baseball: Some, or all, of them might leave the Sox, for a different/better deal. I accept that.

But let's be clear here. They can go to almost any other team, and I will respect them, and still be a fan. But they CANNOT go to the Yankees.

If you have a choice, and you choose to become a Yankee, then you never were, and can never again be, a Red Sox.

Keep that in mind.

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MGA goes to court:

I spent last Monday morning at court. Fortunately, I was acting as Plaintiff, which in my opinion is the better way to go to court if you have to. ... My lawyer and I arrived in separate cars at the appointed time in the appointed court room at the appointed courthouse and sat and waited our turn to be called.

And waited.

This gave me an opportunity to reflect on courts and law and the rituals involved.

There's more...

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November 23, 2004

Hey, I'm on a strict diet.

goodycolesI had dinner tonite with Jan and Lynsie. They introduced me to Goody Coles'. A BBQ place in Exeter NH.

Goody Cole was the only woman ever convicted of witchcraft in NH.

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Long Tail Island

Long Tail IslandWinter will get here eventually, but in the meantime, we're having some spectacular late-fall days.

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Redsox trophy coming to Manchester NH

Concord Monitor:

The Boston Red Sox brought home the World Series championship for the first time in 86 years earlier this month, and now the Red Sox are bringing the trophy to New Hampshire.

The Manchester mayor's office, in conjunction with the Manchester Sports Council, will host members of the Red Sox and the World Series trophy on Nov. 30.

The trophy will first be on display from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in City Hall Plaza for viewing by the general public. It will then be taken to Veterans Park on Elm Street for a rally at 3 p.m. featuring Red Sox front office personnel, relief pitcher Allan Embree...

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I've been thinking the same thing...

William Gibson:

Remember that Future History chart at the back of Robert Heinlein's earlier novels? Didn't it feature a sovereign Christian State of South Carolina? This plan for Christian Exodus tweaks some Proustian synapse or other, but maybe it's just my own Virtual Light: slots right into Sublett's backstory.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the undefended border between fiction and reality, the White House hands John LeCarre the plot-device he's wanted since the day the Berlin Wall fell.

Here's the lede from the "LeCarre plot device" he refers to, from Newsday:

The White House has ordered the new CIA director, Porter Goss, to purge the agency of officers believed to have been disloyal to President George W. Bush or of leaking damaging information to the media about the conduct of the Iraq war and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, according to knowledgeable sources.
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November 21, 2004

System of the World

Cory Doctorow has just finished reading Book Three Neal Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle. I'm just starting the third and final book. I've read both of the first two twice.

[FWIW, it was Stephenson's use of the abbreviation &c. that was a big influence in my choice of new names for this blog.]

The historicity of these books is borderline alarming. Stephenson has researched so many goddamned interesting factoids about pirates, the birth off the monetary system, natural philosophy, alchemy, the court of the Sun King, the functioning of London's ancient prisons, the nature of sewage disposal in early metropolises, and many other diverse subjects that you can practically open the books to any page and find five cool trivia questions to baffle your friends...
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Making a list, and checking it twice

From Josh Marshall:

This weekend Congress was working on a massive $388 billion omnibus spending bill... But at the request of Rep. Ernest Istook (Republican) of Oklahoma, ... a special provision was inserted into the bill which allows the Chairmen of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees or their "agents" to review any American's tax return with no restrictions whatsoever.
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Writing for the Web

Former Berkman Blogger Bob Stepno is teaching a writing course about writing for the web. He's put some of his note in his blog. Pretty interesting.

A colleague recently asked what assignments to give journalism students who want a quick introduction to "writing for the Web," so here's what my own class will be doing later this month.
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November 20, 2004

Not an optical Illusion, you're going blind

disappearingdotsHere's one of those weird vision things. Stare at the green dot in the center and the three yellow dots will seem to disappear.

UPDATE: Not the picture on this page! This one.

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And so good for you too.

all_naturalOne of the great by-products of the SBD diet is that I've discovered bread from a great little bakery in York Maine, called When Pig's Fly Bread.

I've been limiting myself to their Lo-Carb Whole Wheat, but yesterday I bought a loaf of their Cinnamon Raisin, and it's awesomely good. With creme cheese w/ chives.


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Earlier this week I threatened to make some changes to this blog. Well here they are.

The most obvious are the look and the name.

I'm fairly happy with the new look, but if you know me, you know that I'll be tweaking it for awhile. Suggestions welcome. [BTW, I haven't yet tested the new site on a wide range of browsers, or on Windows. So if you see anything really ugly, that you think might be a compatibility issue, definitely let me know about those.]

As for the new name. "Etcetera" Some of you know that I've been toying with new names for many months. The list of candidates is long. But I've settled on this one.

I like that the new name is an interesting looking and sounding word, but that it has no strong associations for most people. I can make it what I want. Also it abbreviates in an interesting way "etc", and it even had a built-in logo "&c." One bit of bad news is, although I've been checking for weeks now, only this past week did I find another blog with a similar name. "Et cetera". He spells it as two words, which I guess is the proper way. I'll stick with my version and see what happens.

In addition to the name and look, the only other change right now is that I'll be posting most all of my tech-related writing over on TechPopuli. That includes space and aviation stuff. If that kind of thing interests you, add it to your reading list.

Moving on.

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November 19, 2004

Wordsworth is gone

Before I went to California I spent many years living and working in the Harvard Square area. One of the things I like best about the place is all the bookstores. And my favorite always was Wordsworth in Brattle Square.

No visit back from the West was complete without a pilgrimage to this great bookstore. Earlier this summer I read that they were in financial trouble, but hoping to survive.

About a month ago I visited the store and was saddened to see how bare the shelves were. Apparently because they couldn't afford as much stock as in their heyday.

Last night I walked around the corner on Brattle Street to see that Wordsworth had closed. Oct 30 was its last day. All the books, and shelves were gone. Very sad.

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Take that Greedo.

hanshotfirst_tshirtSteve suggests that you should maybe be a little ashamed if you know what this shirt means. "Han shot first." Well I know, and I'm proud.

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November 18, 2004

Keep on Truckin'

Ever since I've started on the SBD, I've been realizing that this is true.

Although there's no doubt that the lo-carb diet is helping, I've been exercising more too. Mostly biking and hiking. I can feel the difference. USAToday:.

Want to age gracefully? Keep moving.

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of chronic disease — such as heart trouble, diabetes, even cancer — and keep you feeling and looking younger as you age.

[Thanks Halley]

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November 17, 2004

Brush with greatness

Dan Bricklin shared an airplane with Redsox centerfielder Johnny Damon. He has pics.

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What hath Sam wrought

The news is buzzin' this morning about the merger of KMart and Sears. CNN is reporting that, specifically, KMart is buying Sears. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I ought to check this out, but I believe that KMart is the descendant of Kresgees, which in my childhood was a medium sized department store chain. It nearly died many years ago, then reinvented itself as KMart. Now they've bought the grand-dame of retailing, Sears & Roebuck.

Just what we need in this world, TWO WalMarts.

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November 16, 2004

Near Miss

Last evening I was driving along Rt-156 here in Nottingham. As I rounded a bend in the road, a large deer was standing in the middle of my lane.

I slammed on the brakes, and swerved. Unlike the stereotypical deer, this one reacted to my headlights, and started to move. Now I was faced with the prospect of having to correctly guess which way the deer would jump so I could successfully swerve around it.

Fortunately, both me and the deer guessed right, and it bounded off the road to the left. I suspect its heart was beating pretty fast like mine.

A very close friend -- who I will let make their own decision whether to identify themself -- went through a similar thing recently, with less satisfying results. It seems that we are not alone in this. According to this story in the Daily Star Online, deer collisions are up.

Almost everyone who drives in this area has a story about hitting a deer — or at the very least, a near miss.

And as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, body shops gear up for the deluge of cars with crushed hoods and shattered headlights caused by deer-vs.-car accidents.
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The Benefactor

I like Mark Cuban. He was the founder of, and he cashed out during the dot com boom for a billion dollar payout.

Since then he's become the owner of the Dallas Maverick's basketball team, which he's revitalized, and numerous other projects, like HD TV and online searching.

I've read about him and seen him interviewed and he just seems like an interesting guy to me. So I was looking forward to his "reality" show, The Benefactor.

The plan was to start with the obligatory 16 people and whittle them down by having them participate in challenges that demonstrated who had the attributes that Mark considered were what was needed to succeed.

One by one Mark would decide who was cut, until only one remained. That person would receive a million dollars from Mark.

I watched the first few eps, but the show didn't work for me. For the same reason that I'm not all that into the Apprentice, the arbitrary nature of a single person's decisions just didn't interest me. I really like the personal interaction, and scheming, and politicking of Survivor.

So after the first two eps I stopped watching. My TiVo kept recording them, but I didn't watch. Gradually my TiVo deleted the eps as it needed space, and today I noticed that there was only the final one left. I decided to give it a look. And if all the eps had been as good as this final one, I would have watched the whole thing.

What made this different is that when they got down to the final two, Mark took them each aside, and told both of them that they lost, and sent them home.

Mark then watched them as they went through their final six hours of publicity pics and interviews. This was his final test, how did they react to failure. This was pretty compelling TV. I was riveted.

After the six hours he brought them back together, told them that the first rejection was fake, and gave them the real results.

Other than making one person go through losing twice, this was pretty interesting.

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November 15, 2004


This weekend is the fourth anniversary of my return to New England, after 12 years in California. That time was also about when I created this blog.

This blog's name, Gone East, was a reference to the fact that a big part of my life back then, was the culture "shock" of returning to this part of the country. Just about everything in my life back then was colored by the fact that I was so newly returned from the west.

But, as time passed, the California experience became a less compelling part of my perspective. I still value my years out there, and I've maintained some important friendships, but my days are no longer filled with comparisons about here vs. there.

So I'm going to use this anniversary as a turning point, to make some changes in this blog. The changes will be mostly cosmetic, but they will allow me to get this website back in sync with the themes and activities of my life.

More later.

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Wicked Nice

Fall Day at PawtuckawayIt's a beautiful fall day here in southern NH. The thermometer on the front porch shows 55 degrees. My brother and I went for a quick kayak over the the state park beach.

There's some sort of kid's group on a field trip in the Park. They're racing around, laughing and enjoying the day.

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November 14, 2004

How many?

How many zen buddhists does it take to change a light bulb?

A tree, and a golden forest.

-- Prairie Home Companion Joke Show

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More Flickr fun

Over in my TechPopuli blog I've just posted about a cool new use of

MegH, of blog megnut, ran in a Marathon recently. A friend put up a map of the route on flickr and invited people to add annotations the showed where they'd be standing along the route.

Very cool.

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November 12, 2004

First Snow

It's been snowing here since just after noon today. The forecast is for up to 4 inches between now and Sunday.

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Ground ball

One of the big Fenway Park renovation projects this fall is to rebuild the drainage system. Here's a pic from the Boston Globe of the work in progress.


[Thanks to GE Forums poster Beth.]

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A bitter sweet tune

MGA recently unearthed a family heirloom. A mandolin which his father bought years ago, and which MGA has few memories of his father ever playing.

Why did Dad buy it? Was there some memory of family and laughter and music? Did just having it provide some sense of warmth and remembrance of days gone by and people no longer around? If that is why, then the mandolin still serves itís true purpose to me, not as an instrument of music but as an instrument of memory linking that which is past and gone from me...
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November 11, 2004

Survivor Vanuata - Ep #7 "Naps and Scorched Earth"

s9logoCatching up on my Survivor summaries. Here's the one from two weeks ago. I'm posting it mostly for completeness. Eventually I will catch up.

Written after Ep #7, October 28, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

Previous Survivor: Vanuatu reports:
1: An Age Imbalance.
2: C'mon, give me a little hug!
3: Just be one of the girls.
4: A visit from Dah.
5: Mix and Match
6: Pig Chasing and Tiki Puzzles

Chad: In Lopevi everyone is doing chores, except for Johnk... Chad and Chris are pissed with John.

Ami says: No women's alliance has ever succeeded. We want it to work this time.

Rory is annoyed by Ami's and Leann's attitude and is challenging the women. Big mistake.

Rory is now convinced that he is next. He says he's gonna "go into self-destruct mode... I'm going to institute a slash, burn, and salt the earth policy." That definitely is self-destructive. I didn't really think that the women had said he was next out, they were just being non-committal, or maybe, playing with him.

The folgers coffee, home cafe, coconut juice carrying obstacle course reward challenge.

Scout deliberately dumps her bowl to let the ones good at it play more. Smart.

Yasur wins, not by much. Julie dramatically stumbles at the end, but doesn't dump the juice.

First commercial after challenge is for Folger's / Home Cafe!

At reward: A photo album. Will it make people more sympathetic? And letters from home. They get to take the coffee maker back to camp. But doesn't is need electricity?

Ironically, Rory's letter from home says he should be nice.

Julie and Twila strategizing. Julie tells Twila that the guys had promised her final four as well. But Julie admits in confessional that it was a lie. She only did it to gaslight Twila.

Slingshot tile shooting immunity challenge.

Shouldn't the good shooters be at the tiles of those not so good? Eliminate the weak shooters first, then the good ones can mop up.

Rory rocks at this! Rory wins immunity for Yasur!

Lopevi will go to TC. Will it be JohnK? Or one of the women.

We see Yasur first after the break. Usually we immediately go to the tribe that is going to TC.

Rory thinks he impressed Ami. But he says she's now #1 on his hit list.

Ami thinks that Lopevi will vote off either Julie or Twila.

Chad and Chris want to vote off John, but they don't want to reduce the number of guys in case it becomes men vs. Women.

Johnk thinks he's allied with Chris

John and Chris are talking about eliminating Chad because, ironically, his artificial leg makes him stronger.

The upshot is that we have no idea how it will shake out.

Tribal Council

JohnK: "tonight is the night to figure out where I stand in this game."

Two people give props to Twila. I really hope she doesn't get voted out, cause she's really blossoming.

John gets into this big rap about how he takes lots of naps, and Twila doesn't. Not smart.

Not enough time for a tiebreaker, so here we go.

The vote: John 5, chad 1

Johnk is voted out.


# Latest tribe list

# Yasur
Scout, 59
Leann, 35
Rory, 35 (was Lopevi)
Ami, 31
Eliza, 21

# Lopevi
Twila, 41 (was Yasur)
Lea ("Sarge"), 40
Chad, 35
Chris, 33
Julie, 23 (was Yasur)

# Challenges
1 -- Obstacle Course Immunity & Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Balance Beam Hug Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Blindfolded Puzzle Hunt Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Walls Obstacle Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Ladder Puzzle Immunity -- John K,
passed on to Ami
4 -- Concentration Puzzle Reward -- Yasur Tribe
4 -- Tribal Symbols Puzzle Immunity -- Yasur Tribe
5 -- Deep Diving Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
5 -- Build a Boat Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Pig Chasing Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Underwater Obst./Tiki Puzzle Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
7 -- Coconut Juice Obstacle Course Reward -- Yasur Tribe
7 -- Tile shooting Immunity -- Yasur Tribe

# Order Out:
1 -- Brook, 27 (Lopevi)
2 -- Dolly, 25 (Yasur)
3 -- John P., 31 (Lopevi)
4 -- Mia, 30 (Yasur)
5 -- Brady, 33 (Lopevi)
6 -- Travis ("Bubba"), 33 (Yasur, was Lopevi)
7 -- Lisa, 44 (Yasur)
8 -- John K., 22 (Lopevi)

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November 10, 2004

My Seamac Presentation

My digital photography presentation at Seamac went really well. There were about 35 people there.

I talked through the life-cycle of a digital pic. Taking the pic, camera features, downloading to your computer, enhancing the pic, storing and organizing them, and sharing them via email & the web.

At the beginning of the session we gathered the crowd together and took this group pic.

SeaMac Gang

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November 09, 2004

Tonight at SeaMac

I'm the presenter at tonight's NH Seacoast Mac User Group. Here's the blurb about my session:

Fun With Digital Photography

Jack Hodgson will take us on a whirlwind tour of the fun things you can do with a digital camera and your Macintosh. Taking pics, downloading them to your Mac, enhancing them, organizing and saving them with iPhoto, emailing them to friends and family, sharing them on the internet, and more. This session will not focus on any particular program but will give you ideas about the things you can do with digital photography.

7PM at the Rye Junior High School Cafeteria, Rye NH.

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November 08, 2004

Buck up. It’s not that bad.

President Clinton, AP via

...the party needs to rework its image and it would be “a mistake for our party to sit around and ... whine about this and that or the other thing.”


In his speech Friday to the Urban Land Institute, Clinton attributed Kerry’s loss to the Democrats’ failure to counter how Republicans portrayed them to rural and small-town voters.

“If we let people believe that our party doesn’t believe in faith and family, doesn’t believe in work and freedom, that’s our fault,” he said.

In search of a message.

Democrats “need a clear national message and they have to do this without one big advantage the Republicans have, which is they won’t have a theological message that basically paints the other guy as evil.”

Clinton gave Bush and the Republicans credit for the election victory.

“The Republicans had a clear message, a good messenger, great organization and great strategy,” he said. “The Republicans did a better job of turning out those who were already registered who hadn’t voted” as well as bringing out their base.

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"Don't Blame Me, I'm From Red Sox Nation"

Peter Norton in The Boston Globe.

Polls show that 97.3 percent of people living within the borders of the proposed nation root for the Red Sox. Members of the New England Patriots football team and New England Revolution soccer team were quick to endorse the measure. Sales of bumper stickers, such as "Don't Blame Me, I'm From Red Sox Nation," have been brisk.

Senator John Kerry, a long-time Red Sox fan, said in a statement that he would vote for secession and would even vote to authorize the yet-to-be-elected president of the new nation to go to war if necessary. On the other hand, Kerry said that if there were a war, he would oppose it and vote to deny any funding whatsoever.

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November 07, 2004

Works for me.

Paul Davidson messes with a phone sales caller.

Her: Hello. So, Mr. Davidson - would you be interested in talking to someone about consolidating your debt or getting a lower percentage on your mortgage?

Me: Debbbbbt!

Her: Yes, Mr. Davidson. Debt.

Me: Do you have debt?

Her: I have three kids. Of course I have debt.

Me: I like asparagus.

Her: Mr. Davidson?

Me: Hi!!

There's more.

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November 06, 2004

Why not?

This is labeled, "20 Reasons Why you shouldn't post your picture on the internet", but I think it's a reason to WANT to have your pic there. Wouldn't it be cool to have your face in this many personas?

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Morality, Terrorist, Homeland

David Weinberger writes about reframing the terminology.

Terms we need to re-own

The election may not have been stolen — it's more like it was beaten out of us with heavy clubs — but we've lost some key terms. We need to take them back. Or, if you prefer to be Lakoffian about it, we need to reframe them:

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I'm visiting Dave, my brother who ran away to Vermont, and his family this weekend.

We arrived last evening. I expected it to be cold, but I didn't expect snow. Not much, just a dusting, but the ground is white.

This morning, little nephew North, was all excited about putting on his "snowsuit" and going out to "make a snowman".

The temp is hovering around freezing, and the snow is slowly melting.

Later today, bundle up and go for some walks.

Oh, by the way, the forecast is for possible Northern Lights this weekend. That would be way cool.

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November 05, 2004

Survivor Vanuata - Ep #6 "Pig Chasing and Tiki Puzzles"

s9logoCatching up on my Survivor summaries. Here's the one from two weeks ago. I'm posting it mostly for completeness.

Written after Ep #6, October 21, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

Previous Survivor: Vanuatu reports:
1: An Age Imbalance.
2: C'mon, give me a little hug!
3: Just be one of the girls.
4: A visit from Dah.
5: Mix and Match

Just back from Tribal Council, Rory is trying to finesse his position in the tribe... Twila is bonding with Julie... Julie tells JohnK that he should put on some lotion. Did she offer to put it on for him?

Rory gives this speech about how he can't go back to Lopevi, so he's all-in to this new tribe. Later he describes it as a really cheesy speech. It was.

Pig Chasing Reward Challenge. The "gatekeepers" are Julie for Lopevi, and Scout for Yasur. Ami was shushing one of the pigs! Eliza struggling when it's her turn. She can't catch a pig, and ultimately fails. Sarge is doing a pig call. Hah! Lopevi wins by a lot. 10-5. Eliza screwed them.

In conversation, Chris is talking about how Eliza just quit. He refers back to his failure on the balance beam and how he kept trying. But is it wise to remind people of your failures?

Leann said, "did she [eliza] even get dirty?"

"If we lose tomorrow [at Immunity] I'm going home, and you guys are sunk." -- Rory.

Eliza: I suck. I'm not used to being bad at things.

Eliza is mad that Scout got to be the gatekeeper.

Ami: "I'm not about to go down just because there's a bunch of muscles on the other team!" !!!

Ami glaring at Rory... Julie aggressively flirting with the guys. Nude sunbathing.

Sarge bonding with Twila... Sarge-Chris-Chad-Twila "The four to the end." Sarge gave Twila his word.

Underwater Obstacle Course/Tiki Puzzle Immunity Challenge. Puzzle builders: Scout & Lisa, Chad & Twila... Rory making good showing against Sarge... Leann struggling, fails, she couldn't do it.

Lopevi wins immunity.

Scout and Eliza comfort Leann... Ami pissed at Lisa.

"Amazingly enough, my name isn't gonna come up in TC today." says Rory.

Ami and Rory bump fists in agreement. But is she playing him? Before, she seemed not to like him. Now she has a big grin. Is it forced?

Rory is TOO happy! "I have broken this alliance of women," he says.

At TC:

Scout, "I would lean toward loyalty" And Rory starts looking uneasy.

We see the voting: Lisa votes for Rory! Ami for Lisa. Scout for Rory.

Final Count: Lisa 4, Rory 2.

As Lisa walks away she says, "True to my word."

In her final confessional, Lisa said, "[Ami] definitely had some power of the other women."

Lisa is the oldest person (44) yet to be voted out, and the first person older 33 years old.

# Latest tribe list

# Yasur
Scout, 59
Leann, 35
Rory, 35 (was Lopevi)
Ami, 31
Eliza, 21

# Lopevi
Twila, 41 (was Yasur)
Lea ("Sarge"), 40
Chad, 35
Chris, 33
Julie, 23 (was Yasur)
John K., 22

# Challenges
1 -- Obstacle Course Immunity & Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Balance Beam Hug Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Blindfolded Puzzle Hunt Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Walls Obstacle Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Ladder Puzzle Immunity -- John K,
passed on to Ami
4 -- Concentration Puzzle Reward -- Yasur Tribe
4 -- Tribal Symbols Puzzle Immunity -- Yasur Tribe
5 -- Deep Diving Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
5 -- Build a Boat Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Pig Chasing Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Underwater Obstacles/Tiki Puzzle Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe

# Order Out:
1 -- Brook, 27 (Lopevi)
2 -- Dolly, 25 (Yasur)
3 -- John P., 31 (Lopevi)
4 -- Mia, 30 (Yasur)
5 -- Brady, 33 (Lopevi)
6 -- Travis ("Bubba"), 33 (Yasur, was Lopevi)
7 -- Lisa, 44 (Yasur)

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Benny and Joon

"Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese."

-- From the movie *Benny and Joon*

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Survivor Nov 4

You can post your Survivor comments under this item. Warning, this thread may contain spoilers.

PS. I've fallen behind in my own summaries of the episodes. I've actually fallen behind on even watching them. But I have the past two weeks on TiVo, and I plan to watch them and post summaries... eventually.

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November 04, 2004

Fall Drawdown

Pawtuckaway Drawdown

Posted by jackhodgson at 11:00 AM

The sun still rises.

Over on my Pawtuckaway site, I wrote about watching this morning's sunrise.

I knew that to the west, across Neals cove, the trees along that shoreline would get to see the sun first. I wondered how easy it would be for me to see when the sun first hit their tops.

It was quiet. But not really. The normal daily noise of boats and nearby cars, dogs barking and birds calling, were all silent. But the far-off, subdued roar of the distant highway was a sort of background sound.

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November 03, 2004

Don't Quit, Don't Ever Quit.

Josh Marshall wraps up the effects of the election and suggests a plan for the future.

I fear that this result will set in motion dangerous dynamics that even the relatively young among us will be wrestling with and contending with for the rest of our lives.
President Bush and the Republicans now control the entire national government, even more surely now than they have over the last four years. They do so on the basis of garnering the votes of 51% or 52% of the population. But they will use that power as though there were no opposition at all. That needs to be countered.

Leave today for disappointment. Tomorrow, think over which of these various groups and organizations you think has made the best start toward what I've described above, go to their website, and give money or volunteer. After that, okay sure, take a few more days for disappointment, maybe a few more weeks. But this takes time. And you shouldn't lose heart. The same division in the country remains, the same stalemate. The other side just got the the ball a yard or two into our side of the field rather than the reverse. And we have to deal with the serious consequences of that. Tomorrow's the day to start.

Posted by jackhodgson at 01:26 PM

Did the bloggers lose it for Kerry?

A lot of talk this morning about the fact that a few key bloggers were publishing the early exit poll info yesterday afternoon. Other bloggers relayed that info, and it created a buzz that Kerry was going to win.

Did that false buzz cause some Kerry voters to not go to the polls? Or some Bush voters to make sure they went?

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Half 'n half

Dan Gillmor:

We will not recognize America in four more years. That will make half of America giddy. It will terrify the other half.
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Collecting my thoughts

As I mull over my reaction to these election results, let me point out two bright spots in this whole thing.

First, the one-term, republican governor of NH was defeated by his democratic opponent.

And second, I was mightily relieved that NH went for Senator Kerry. During the night, when NH was the one lone, non-blue state in the Northeast, and the Kerry NH lead got down to a few hundred votes, I was actually pondering the fact that I was gonna have to move.

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November 02, 2004

IRC Chat

I'm watching returns on TV and chatting on IRC.

Channel: #joho

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Electoral Map

ABC's "real time" results map.

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Election day DOS attack?

I'm hearing reports that the net slowness that I've been seeing all day may be the result of a Denial Of Service Attack. One report from JeffJarvis.

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Exit Polling Primer

Thanks to Josh Marshall, here's a description of how exit polling works.

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Just seen on CNN. Tucker Carlson, the Republican half of the infamous CNN program, Crossfire, won't come right out and say it, but it's clear that he believes that Senator Kerry is going to win.


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What you do is of little significance; but it is very important that you do it.

-- Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

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I voted!

My BallotThe lone polling place here in Nottingham NH was a happenin' place at 9 this morning. There was no wait to cast my vote, but nearly all the booths were occupied, and there was a steady stream of voters.

Very unscientific stat: I saw the list of people who were registering to vote this morning at the polls. There were five names on the list (I don't know if this was the only sheet, or a new page). In the party affiliation column there was one "R", two "U"s and two "D"s on the list.

Posted by jackhodgson at 12:37 PM

Why President Bush should not be re-elected.

*I've been agonizing about writing this post for a week now. For better or worse, here it is.

President Bush shouldn't be re-elected.

Since the nominations became clear, I've said that Kerry wasn't my #1 choice. He may be more like #5 or #6 of the available candidates. But even so, I will vote for him without hesitation as a person who will lead our country more effectively and honestly than has the Bush Administration.

There are three main reasons that I feel so strongly that President Bush should not be re-elected:

1. Mr. Bush has done a poor job as President.

He has brought the country to the brink of financial ruin with tax cuts, reckless spending, and the resulting increased deficit... He has damaged the U.S.'s relations with most of the major nations of the world, and aggravated the already poor relations with others... Although I didn't oppose the war in Iraq, the President mismanaged the entry into the conflict, as well as the resolution of it.

2. President Bush does not have the ethical values I want in a President.

He lets others do his dirty-work while pretending to take the high-road... Although I have no problem with the fact that he avoided Vietnam by joining the Guard, I believe, from the evidence I've seen from both sides, that he did not take that alternative service seriously, and that he likely did not completely fulfill that obligation... He convinced Americans to allow the Iraq invasion with information which I believe that he knew to be false, or at best, exaggerated... He uses fear to convince people to support him and give him more power.

3. President Bush and his Administration are attempting to dismantle the Bill of Rights.

They have aggressively weakened the rules of search and seizure, habeus corpus, and public trial... They use their power to discourage and prevent free speech and free press...

I have intentionally not included links to supporting information here. I'm not attempting to change anyone who has made up their mind. Just as I don't expect that anyone could change my mind -- but I will be glad to listen to any reasonable arguments.

If you're undecided, all of the above has been discussed in the media. You know the arguments, and can find the discussion on the net if you need more.

I wish that I could make this post about the details of why Kerry should be president, instead of why Bush should not. But that's the special circumstances of this election. And I am confident -- from his background, and listening to his campaign -- that Senator Kerry will attempt to reverse the problems I've described above.

In a choice between President Bush and Senator Kerry, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Kerry is the superior choice, and I will cast my vote for him later this morning.

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